Me and My GearS2

Today, I have a GearS2 from Samsung. That is a wonderful gift of 1st December and how sweet!

I can’t wait to open when I get, because of I have this experience a last month and I had other Gears and I like these gadgets. Wearable trend will be developing sooner we believe. Samsung is one of leading this trend isn’t it? Everyone is interesting. It’s a fashion and style of modern living. 

After I was open the box. I am tried to connect with Note4. But I need to update to gear manager later on.


So I was connecting and experience of GearS2 performance. Easy to connected, really as this one is so many difference earlier Gear series. Design and UI are more comfortable, realistic watch especially the display screen and ring.

In the box
Have one charger with wireless dock, and quick guide with warranty card. Also have a strap for spare part.
I don’t wanna tell about review because of you can find more online. But I saw one fact. I can’t connect to GearS2 to S6Edge+ after connect with Note4. I don’t know how is happen so. I will find to solve tomorrow.  
However, I am so thank to Samsung Myanmar of theirs latest device to me.


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