Real Malaysia taste at ANG's

I have been to Ang’s restaurant as last few day of my elder brother’s birthday. He asked to me, how about to go Thai restaurant or fried chicken? I said, actually not, should we try to test Malaysia food? Because of I like the Malaysian foods and I can’t miss the taste of fish hard curry when I reach Penang.

Not have much Malaysia restaurant in Yangon, but I recognize one place near my home but not to reach before. So we are gone to Ang’s restaurant.

Coconut and chicken curry

Firstly my brother wants to try Nasi Lama, but I recommend to coconut rice with chicken curry. This one is very tasty he said after ate. Yummy! 

The coconut rice and chicken curry have already Myanmar traditional, this one is difference. I remember this taste, really Malaysian. I feel I am where in KL.

Mutton curry

Fish paste with vegetarian

Fish head soup

After that I am ordered to fish paste with vegetarian, mutton curry, fish head soup for my family. All of the dishes are so tasty. I eat much to full up. I can’t drink anymore. I left my beer later on.

This night is really good for family dinner. I would like to try more when I reach to Malaysia coming October.


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