Ya, we won to third prize

Finally we get the third prize of hackathon Myanmar. That was a great of us. First I haven’t to idea and I don’t know how could do when I right to entrance.  After the NGOs presentation, I get the idea and organized to team. The team is awesome. Our team is very smart and understands to each other who like to do. That was team work. Our team "Mild Product" running with Yangonese, Nay Linn Htun, Mg Kha, Thomas and me even Ko Nyan Min who the latest member :)

Mild Product team

Mi Pause of the apps for birth control knowledge and reminder. Web base and can use online even offline for reminder and searching knowledge about that. Also can be access to online for forum, online reminder who doesn’t want to install app on the phone.  Offline user whom without phone? Ya, we can do to care via health worker and NGO to them with NFC card.

Health workers and NGO, doctors can be read about information with NFC and keep the data offline, update when online to web server. That kind of any complicate but we should be solved.

So I get the prize even without touch to PC :D Whatever we can show who we are. I don't care whom what to say.

Accepting the third prize cash from Ooredoo COO Chris Bannister

Thank to our team members, the victory can’t have without yours. Also thank to Code for change Myanmar and Ooredoo, World Bank, Internews they whom sponsored and judges.
Final presentation of Mi Pause
Third prize winning on Hackathon very first on Myanmar


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