HTC’s next performence in Myanmar

HTC marks 17 years of success with a unique collaboration efforts with local Top Photographer Aung Pyae Soe in Myanmar.

‘Change’ Calendar marks bold new move by HTC in new brand position.

November, 11th, 2013 – HTC Myanmar, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, has today unveiled a project in Myanmar to showcase its latest brand platform to the consumers here.

This calendar project will represent a message that  HTC hopes to instigates innovation by positioning for “anything you want it to”. The Campaign will kick off with a series of Photographs created by local Top Photographer Aung Pyae Soe for the 1st “Here’s To Capture” Series.

“ This is our long-term integrated strategy to celebrates HTC’s 17 years of disruption and innovation in the mobile industry, the Change brand platform will embody the message that HTC inspires innovation by standing for “anything you want it to”. In Myanmar, there are so many changes that people are going through right now, we wanted to capture it in photograph and showcase them.  We are working with a top photographer to captures what it means by ‘Change’ via smartphone camera. We have given him a HTC device for him to go around Myanmar and captures shots that interprets ‘Change’ in Myanmar,” said the Head of Marketing, Richard See.

With the theme “Here’s To Capture” & “Here’s To Change”, local Top Photographer Aung Pyae Soe will travel across the country from beginning of the November to the last week of November to create and contribute his finest quality Artworks and contents taken by HTC Devices along the campaign. The photographer will share his experience on the next Press Event in December together with the launching of HTC Calendar after returning from Trip.

HTC Calendar Campaign is part of HTC Change Platform and to perform in a long run with other concepts and it is only happening in Myanmar so far. Also, it is showing the credibility of HTC devices to put the theme “Here’s To Change & Here’s To Capture” towards breathtaking views & positive changes of Myanmar in Photographs besides showing the world in HTC Change Concept about Myanmar. The selected Artworks will be published on HTC Calendar, HTC Myanmar Facebook Fanpage and HTC Concept Stores. Meanwhile, the HTC Day is set to be celebrated in the end of November.

“HTC Myanmar will produce the calendar and will give them away to our key partners as well as our customers who purchase any HTC Devices from end December onwards. We wanted to share this with our customers and we hope that the people of Myanmar will have a unique calendar that they can reflect on and keep for the future to look back and notices the things that have changed in their surroundings as well as in their own lifes,” added Richard.

Photographer Aung Pyae Soe, HTC Myanmar Campaign Change Maker comments , “This campaign is truly a new approach to promote unique collaborations. I have been in Photography industry for quite sometimes but this is really exciting journey to create the contents of each photographs by HTC devices and Yes I am fan since I started using Smartphone”. Pictures will be mostly about Change, amazing & beautiful sceneries, Change lifestyle, Change mainstream media and many other Change Contents I will contribute”. “Also, working with HTC Brand is always a pleasure to be part of their milestones making here in my native land and I will represent my country on HTC Change Platform coincidently this is celebration of 17th SUCCESS CELEBRATION TIME, Thumbs up!!!”

“We are delighted to be working with Aung Pyae Soe on this project as we share the same passion. We hope this will be the first of many of such kind of collaboration with Myanmar artists and photographers. We will definitely look into more exciting and unique ways to come up with something to reward our customers,” said Richard.

The Man behind the Change (Photographer Aung Pyae Soe)

Myanmar Landscape Freelance Photographer Aung Pyae Soe has an aiming for taking photographs around him since 6 years ago. His photoholic mind instigates not only local but also Asian and around the world. He has achieved about 30 over prestigious local and international photographic awards till now. Among them, his well-know achievement was being as Best Overall at Garuda Photo Contest 2010 and his photographs can also be seen as stock photography in National Geographic. Nowadays, he also becomes one of Myanmar’s top landscape photographers as well as artists. For more details .

Source by HTC release mail


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