MBS 7th anniversary will soon

Our MBS (Myanmar Blogger Society) are planning to the 7th anniversary and forum named “Myanmar blogger forum” on coming August 31 as the world blogger day. We will be reading the papers of Myanmar blogger movements a last years on political, social, art, media, education and technology. Also discuss to present issue of social network conflict, technology change, using technology tool for benefit and effective on our live etc. Our vision is more participation each other for development of all sector and strong network can take the chance. And take care about developing and facts to pros & cons of social media, media freedom & ethics, effective of online news & solving, analysis to point of the after crisis on Myanmar during the transaction, Internet freedom & cyber security, public mental development issue and future challenges. We will also do to this event would broadcast on TV channel after.

Everyone can be blogger and they who can be call the blogger of write on blog. Myanmar bloggers and blog platform was very effective and provided on political, technology, arts and novel connected to internet. And Myanmar bloggers was tried to unite and developing on every sector a last few years to until today on proofed. Value of freedom of expression, Published the condition of pressured peoples to the world and the world forget about the bloggers, that’s why we could do the blogday memorial and event for them.

And the funny program include our forum. We will be open the attend online register and can win the lucky draw :) also we will be give T-shirt and umbrella for attendee. That would be  fun and souvenir gift. So please don’t miss to register and please keep to eyes news update on our fun page and our website will be soon.


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