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One Click Impact to Myanmar Seminar

We are planning to seminar coming June 30 held at Myanmar Info-tech Yangon. The seminar named “One Click Impact to Myanmar”.  Was worth to public awareness we hoped. Because of we are focus to internet freedom, cyber security, protect to human right and freedom of expression, pros and cons of social media and ethic, developing to moral of Myanmar internet users and public, etc. Myanmar is the moving forward to democracy but she had very tight situation during crisis a last year to present time. This problem is propaganda become a part from network.  Our country internet user is lower 1% but the influence is so strong. People are so simple and they are believed the news from internet. That is the impact we want to talk. We are warmly welcome to who interest to media and technology. The panel discussion title will be “Media influence behavior in Myanmar”. Facebook link is here We does the exhibition AppExpo 2013 a last February 2013. You can see more information at www.yangonh

One Click Impact to Myanmar seminar on June 30

We did the seminar in June 30 held at Myanmar ICT park conference hall the named “One Click Impact to Myanmar” . Over 120 attend to seminar is the little success, I hoped to more than 300. Whatever I though the seminar will alert to behave our self on social network. And thank you all of attend and speakers. Also glad to Mis Theweepron Kumatra who speaker from came to Bangkok. Very hug thank to sponsors, everybody and friends they who help to seminar. Mis Tin Myat Htet, U Ye Tun Aung, U Moe Hlaing Nya, U Nay Phone Latt, U Nyi Nyi(ThanLwin)