Subject of E-government

Management is a work necessary for any organization. A family has domestic management and a person must also have management. But this management was a talent, exact and clear management laws and subjects were used according to the organizations after the Second World War. With knowing that we can be able to get more perfect results by widely using management everywhere and whatever we do, the management as basic accounting is being used in plenty of roles and even human resource management.  By combination of high speed tech to the management of a government existing as normal management, we could reduce wasting time and cost. From hand writing to typing machine and then to typing by using computers are come to add in normal management. If paper and ink must be managed in hand writing filling system, we must manage the necessities for typing machine. When we come to used computer, we must manage software and hardware dealing with computers.

We are still managing paper but useless things were rejected according to the improving level. We need to change the management form according to the necessities but some things facing more plenty of challenges and complex new environment are no need to change and must be normally managed. So we have to find techs to combine security facts, management according to each department for the e-Government of this age. At that time, main practices are needed rather than expert. But we are nicely expert the ordinary management, practices are needed when the techs are being combined. The film posters were written with hand on the card board printing but vinyl is being replaced now. So a designer must to study the drawing the design by using computer not to apart this knowledge needed for his professional job. Especially, a person who can manage best used to easily refuse to accept software management. Because he isn’t interest to study these subjects or may be no reliability.

But he may be interest more than before, if he wants to get the advantage: improving job done about 10%. The changing must be begun with training including skill to be able to digitalize in the offices approving e-Government. Skill and practice happen to increase each confidence and undertaking with confidence is a good characteristic to be strong the organization. In addition, being able to corporate one organization to another quickly bases on skill and correct ways. As soon as the departmental abilities develop, people’s reliability and corporation happen to be increased and can build awareness. This affects not only departments, but also end users (people using e-Government) even. The skill of personnel can give the super services to the people when they communicate them. The people can be given most familiar and effective guidance and rules to increase the knowledge for security and the people’s responding manners can be understood. This will affect as more basic and clear security plans more than most effective security plans.

Another fact is a role called IS structure. Especially, governments used to worry fees in the approving these information. They worry how to manage these fees and controlling the facts. It means who is responsible for these facts because director, assistant director, manager, assistant manager, planning, finance and so on were controlling before. To be more clear, The news absent going to other before when they don’t issue of meeting result to lower level at time after managing level, the date might flowing to step by step, how will be consequence and who will be respond and how will be do action that?   . This is a security management. User and controller can control vice versa by data saving system and information system control. Using these systems more widely is included in the role of management and keeping the facts.

The main one is controlling system according to levels and vice versa controlling system to all. By digest to all management, check and balance level has to be planned if it is need to free central controlling system. Otherwise, if they want to tight to level as we need to constructive ranking to central control. Good management system and obligation will become more exact because software designs must be drawn by basing on these facts in technological role. We can reduce wasting time for every case. With quick flowing data, responding must be quickly done and all working networks can be checked and controlled from anywhere. So we must think about how many the offices can protect personal data as a prob. For example, will let the staff use the computer as they like or be limited? Data in the computer can influence their personal opportunities? Human ethics such as skill, honest and obeying fitting the new management form will challenge to manage duty and responsibility more than before.


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