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How to control your employees’ using internet

Internet is being used in each business every time. In addition, social networking becomes to participate in not only business but also personal communication. So managers suppose that business can be shocking effect because of employees’ much amount of using social networking. Using social networking and internet extremely are expressed in this topic. How block these become a very strict problem for managers and business owners because there are not only advantages but also disadvantages. We can get advantages such as being able for our products and customers services, but business privacy, abilities and interesting of employees upon the business can be lost. We have known that every business from every country is reforming to limit using internet extremely and social sites make annoy the business. The condition suitable with the stuffs of our county is wanted to describe. That will become a way to limit the using internet. (1)Explain clearly We have to explain clearly that inte

10 things should be known by a person who wants to sell websites

1)Investigate the customer’s necessity We use to express the condition we want to sell. Actually, we shouldn’t do like this as soon as the customer come to us. The best listening to the customers what they want will help you much for your services. (2) Explain to your service It is need to introduce your services to the customers about how many kinds of services are there, services fees, some successful websites from yours and your business. Don’t forget that we can get the customer’s reliability and good conditions for future by doing like this. We must deal and introduce any customer with one way. Don’t think about the position of the customer. (3) Let customer to choose Firstly, let the customer to select from your services. It means that what the customer wants to in their imagination is main. It is time to listen to the customers: they want which packages, services. Don’t think amount of money customer will afford while we are listening to them. Give chance them to ch