5th Anniversary of MBS seminar

This post is out of date I though, but the note for memories on my blog. Actually I’m not a blogger just now, because of my daily life is change not to same like pass year. This is my concern I think. Whatever I do now on right now on my blog post for share about our MBS. Everything is blog able! right?

Ko Zaw Zaw Myo Lwin

Topic: Why this seminar, vision and about MBS

I explained MBS actions from beginning of MBS in early 2007 to now a day 2011, seminars, workshops, nargic donations and other nongovernmental donations and making technological improvements, and then future working duties of MBS were told.

Ko Minn Yonn Thit

Topic: Digital privacy

Privacy securities that should be understood when we use internet by either our own computer or another were demonstrated. Very useful ways for not only pc but also mobile devices could be explained in this demonstration and software like Tor, ulterself , freedom and self-study information from online also. Finally, security knowledge for writing blog was explained from Blogspot setting and WordPress setting.

Ko Htoo Tayza

Topic: Blogging Pros & Corns

When blogging is used by heart and soul, we used to having more widely communications. Our sharing information based on ethic and honesty. Many nice ethics for bloggers around the world, ethics corresponding our country and pros & corns were told with many experiences and examples.

Ko Ei Maung

Topic: Copyright and digital data

He tool about copyright in international level, laws used in Myanmar. Laws are that should be reconstructed. Many facts, that should be obeyed or not were discussed. As we are going to obey international copyright, he told many main facts for preparing. To corporate our country with organizations like WIPO and classes were guided.

Ko Myo Myint Aung

Topic: Learning to knowledge with blogging

In writing blog or another, our presenting comes from experiences and knowledge. So to how reading affect on each person was told. Not only knowledge getting from reading but also precious and to avoid poison of reading was explained. He intended to get perfect knowledge and consideration. As he is helping for own library and another reading clubs, aspect of international literatures were nicely explained.

Ko Soe Zeya Tun

Topic: How to setting up business blog

We are facing many changes since we are using internet. “Why business companies are widely using business and blog pages” are explained with many examples. The customers and brands can connect. More than before and weakness can be repaired quickly. Whatever these topic was for one of the opportunities of business.

Ko Thiha

Topic: Me and my open and out source experience

Difficulties of Burmese who work in out sourcing and opportunities to corporate with foreign out sourcing companies were discussed. IT development is mainly based on business opportunities. Business has international experiences use out source. Not regarded as opponents such as India , south Korea should be imitate , to repair business corresponding with our country, out sourcing that can create opportunities for youths were told according to his experiences. Experiences of audiences who have worked for out sourcing and ways to solve difficulties altogether were found. We agreed to corporate for out sourcing improvement.

Ma Tin Myat Htet

Topic: Share about One Young World 2011

Ma Tin Myat Htet, not only MBS member but also a leader of MYIA (Myanmar youth in action) , talked about her last attending seminar “ One youth world 2011” held in Zurich and guided for youths to get opportunities with their educations . Many facts that should be imitated were told.


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