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5th Anniversary of MBS seminar

This post is out of date I though, but the note for memories on my blog. Actually I’m not a blogger just now, because of my daily life is change not to same like pass year. This is my concern I think. Whatever I do now on right now on my blog post for share about our MBS. Everything is blog able! right? Ko Zaw Zaw Myo Lwin Topic: Why this seminar, vision and about MBS I explained MBS actions from beginning of MBS in early 2007 to now a day 2011, seminars, workshops, nargic donations and other nongovernmental donations and making technological improvements, and then future working duties of MBS were told. Ko Minn Yonn Thit Topic: Digital privacy Privacy securities that should be understood when we use internet by either our own computer or another were demonstrated. Very useful ways for not only pc but also mobile devices could be explained in this demonstration and software like Tor, ulterself , freedom and self-study information from online also. Finally

MBS 5 anniversary