Yangon, Tradition and awakening


The linked to religion life of Yangon of tradition and awakening. 

While I will write about pagodas, I don't want to be restricted in Buddhism. 

Monastery, the church, mosque, Hindu temple, these place are roof serves as education venues as well.

I want to grasp how this can be visualized. The theme here is 


Tens of thousands of monasteries across Myanmar can be roughly divided into two types. One is the monasteries (Sar Thin Dight), which teach and maintain the Buddhist teachings in the traditional way. For example, (MinGun Sayadaw) see more in following link


The second type is monasteries that do not focus on Buddhist literature. Most of these monasteries are dedicated like to orphanage care, Monastery base basic education school. These are monasteries that carry out charitable activities close to the community, such as free schools, with the teachings of the Buddha.

There are two religious differences. The main sects are ShweGyin and ThuDhaMma, and at the national level there is a multi-sect Sangha Maha Nayaka group.

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The daily activities of the monasteries include early morning worship; eating breakfast; Meditation and going to streets for receipt of offering from the people. There are many activities that are not very different, such as teaching literature. Some missionary monks are building pagodas, clergy preaching, teaching Vipassana, meditation is practiced all over Myanmar and around the world.

Church, Mosque & Hindu Temples

There is a mosque about 100 feet around the Sule Pagoda, a landmark in Yangon, and a Christian church about 300 feet away. Not far from there is a Hindu temple. I think there are not many place in the world who see all the religions in one place.

There are mosques in almost every city, including Yangon and Mandalay. Especially in central Myanmar; Eastern Region In the western part of the country, there are large mosques as far south as this one, and you can see the freedom of worship. Chin State Kachin There are many Christian churches in Karen and Kayah areas.

In Yangon, you can see a lot of big mosques. Especially in the center of Yangon. And then, mosques hundreds people can worship can be seen in every township around the old city of Yangon. In Yangon is Cardinal Charles Bo, the Vatican-recognized Catholic Archbishop, and where he lives, St. Mary's Cathedral is the most beautiful place. Insein Township has most Christian churches, but there are also many churches in Dagon, Sanchaung, Kyie Myin Daing, Ahlone.

Religious festivals are also held annually, and the cow slaughter for Eid al-adha of the mosques is held separately. However, every religious festival is a public holiday and everyone participates. Although religious festivals have become more widespread since 2010, it is unclear how the 2020 crisis and the current 2021 crisis will continue.

The recently ended Thingyan New Year, Myanmar's largest traditional festival, ended in silence, though without restrictions, within 100 years of the nation-wide multi-ethnic festival.

Hinduism, which has a long history and is religiously and culturally influential, has always been close to Burma. Burmese people often go to Hindu temples to pray for religious and economic development. Hindu religious groups often participate because of their proximity to Burmese Buddhist festivals.

Hindu temples serve vegetarian food daily or weekly, and in every city there are places of worship for religious, feeding people as well as poor families. In addition, Burmese people often participate in traditional Hindu festivals.

The same goes for the Sikhs, Judaism Yangon freely embraces minority religions, including animism. It is in Rangoon(Yangon) that all of the above religions are united.

No matter where you are. For the people of Yangon, regardless of their religion, it is a place to rest and eat. There are no religious differences in Rangoon. There is no discrimination. Yangon is modern. Despite the slow pace of development among contemporary cities, Yangon's spirit is always up-to-date. Yangon is struggling to wake up from a nightmare for an innovative and beautiful future.


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