Yangon Smart City is rise

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Today, it is great day. I was met the Japanese tech giant company and discussed about my future project Yangon Smart City. There is the smart city is a lot of categories and complicated process for developing. But I am really focused on the renewable energy, water resource and distribution, smart transporting also biometrics identifies like a face recognizes, age identify. However I would like to use new technology with innovation on my project as difference kind of ordinary tech. I wouldn’t to buy the solutions for use, but I want to try with brain storm and newest tech. Also I am looking for the future partners of telecommunication, developers and etc.., as I want to do. 

Actually the Yangon is mega city and still over 5 million people; it’s too difficult to growth smart city performance to whole city in the short time. Meanwhile the developing to Yangon, our project will be the one of model land with reality performance. 

So they are interest to involve what I said like to newest creation. But we must be needed to more discuss for detail. Whatever it is the one step of my project, it is not a dream. It does about inspire.


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