The gaming industry is rise in Myanmar?

I was attending to Net Monday event by Telenor Myanmar yesterday. This month title focuses on gaming in Myanmar. The game market is growing rise in Myanmar today. But what is the barrier? The payment issue is developing? 

Welcome speech by Telenor Marketing

I see the market expect is good and user behavior is going to mobile. So mobile game will be developing in the sooner? The local market issue is most important for developer. Developers survive as well.
How to involve to telecom? This is the opportunities? But I think the corporate culture is needed.

Nay Aung Latt(Gamer and presenter) Ma Shwe Su from Telenor

However I learned today situation and thank for sharing their experience. Let you make mobile game with Myanmar culture? 

Ko Myint Kyaw Thu ( Key note speech)

Panel with Ko Myint Kyaw Thu(CEO-Total Game Play Studio) Ko Nay Aung Latt, Mr Sharit, Ye Myat Min(CEO-Nex)


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