Building Online Content Community

The contents may be article, video, photo or music. However we know about the contents, must have more online should be best way to archive and search in time. So, we are looking for about how to development online content in Myanmar? Why we need to content for development? That kind is very conflict and confuse with us for answer. 

Finally we are gathering around and discuss with workshop like a brain storming. Outcome result is satisfied to us. We must be do more aware to public particularly netizen of Myanmar. We have to do more things. But we hope us does to attention.

The event held Sule Shan Gri-La Hotel in Yangon, 30 August 2015 hosted by Telenor Myanmar. Morning section is bloggers and content creators, digital marketing companies. Afternoon section is media and audiences they who interest to online contents.

We have suggesting facts to content provider and creators, service providers also policy maker after event.

 Ko Nyi Lynn Seck share about situation of blogosphere (Photo by Telenor Myanmar FB)

Group discussion (Photo by Telenor Myanmar FB)
Telenor Myanmar supported to hosted this event and share about their new services (Photo by Telenor Myanmar FB)
I was reading about he suggesting paper after outcome result of group discussion (Photo by Telenor Myanmar FB)
Sharing about their experience of current situation 
The panel discussion - Ko Erik Oo, U Ye Myat Thu, Ko Nay Phone Latt, Ma Yin Yin Hnaung, Ma Htaike Htaike Aung, Ko Yang Aung ( Photo by Telenor Myanmar FB)
 Some attendee and organizers (Photo by Telenor Myanmar FB)

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