Net Monday tell about "Google"

I was attending to the Net Monday event by Telenor a last few days 7 April 2014 held in Sein Lan So Pyay Garden’s Zephyr. This is the second event of the Net Monday Myanmar. This event title focuses on “Google”. The Google’s service is the very useful on Myanmar current internet users. Everyone to know Google but wouldn’t to use those service before Android appear in Myanmar. But the popular one is G-talk. Now Google can’t to service on G-talk, the people switch to social network. That is the basic behaviors of Myanmar user understanding to internet. They also know the internet can provide the news to them. What is the point? The Google is the giant search engine and the one of OS creator. Google had many service and apply more benefit as well as you can. Our new users will be awareness on this or where are the contents with Myanmar language? OS can accept to apply of language and read. That is the not too easy but really concern is the growth to contents online. Isn’t it?

 The event is better than a last event, had to discussion and more interesting. I hope to be more benefit and more performance, more connective people each other at there should be deliver opportunities. 
Mr Petter the CEO of Telenor Myanmar

Mr Andrew from Google

The representative from Google was discussing about Google with Myanmar and that is the touch to people of Myanmar is good culture on industry aren’t?

After the event, the snack and beer by Telenor to attendee. Me and my friends are talking about our industry and funny of personal freely. And we are gone to another place for just fun. The night is happy ending.....


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