Net Monday

Cheer Telenor with Petter (CEO)

A last night, I’m attend to Telenor’s net Monday event. I think the event will be do every month like this but difference topic. This month topic scope to Facebook. Also we are met with Telenor CEO and discussion about to future. Also we are listening from speaker’s presentation. First I have an invite from Telenor for panelist but I’m not.  Whatever I have to learn more about facebook he who spoke about facebook trend on Asia and worldwide. So I remember the number the 1.4 million users of facebook from Myanmar.
Every operator promised to good service and best performance and coverage to whole country. But the time to be says who is winning. Also hope to all operators should be give to best service to our citizen.
Whatever Telenor CEO is the nice and have a best relationship. Cheer! Telenor,,,,

 Telenor CEO Petter


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