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About of “Idea Delta Lab” R&D and Data center

What is Idea Delta Lab?

Idea Delta Lab is a place of learning and sharing self opinions, experiences and idea. Technologies and job opportunities, new ideology and new advice, collected facts for self study, supporting chances for Entrepreneurs and youths who want to invent are in there. It has created to develop researching for inventions continuously. It is like Singapore Hub in other south East Asia countries. Open data and data management will be mainly served.

How to work?

Comfortable and relaxing environment, e-library and data center that have collected study guides and facts, 24 hours internet access, skilled practitioners training, weekly seminars, subject workshops, supporting devices for research and development, finding the supporting contacts for researching business, getting technological supporting by joining international Hubs and data centers.

How to stand?

Accomplishing team has setup and fund will be found for Idea Delta Lab. It will go on by getting members fee from people who use center. Business man and organizations that can support the research according to each subject will be joined.

What is benefit?

Benefits are, skilled youths can be kept and collected and talent youths can get more opportunities. Will to invent will come out and products that make society and business develop will be emerged. Coordinating ability will become to get and technologies and knowledge can be continuously learned.

Our visions

1/ To support youths’ learning

2/ To come out open idea and new advice among frank society

3/ To create perfect products for future society

4/ To support developing of business, obligation and education

5/ To be able to coordinate each other

Our Missions

1/ Brief budget

2/ Finding fund

3/ Action for regular stand

4/ Setup accomplishing committee and supervising committee

5/ Saving reserved fund

1/ Brief budget

Detail is the confidential

2/Funding fund  

Finding fund will be do by promotion as seminars, describing in journals and magazine, contact to business men and another organizations that can support.

3/ Action for regular stand    

Member fee will be asked for to full fill charges of electricity, internet, room rent and general improving the center is accomplished already.

Besides, saving regular supporting budget for reaching, asking for supporting that can get reserved fund, selling remembrance gifts for fundraising and soon will be done. Volunteers and permanent staffs will be assigned to keep the center systematically.

4/ Setup accomplishing committee and supervising committee

Accomplishing committee or supervising group has been setup for accomplishing center and when it comes to accomplish the supervising committee will be setup for laying down necessary policies to save the center regular, keeping disciplines and developing.

The supervising committee will be setup with members who can give time from accomplishing committee; the beginner of the center, two permanent staff and five volunteers, not more than ten. Detail organizing rule will be laid down for that.

It will act without assigning permanent staff during first 3 months and after assigning staffs, suitable salaries must be paid because of they must work full time on this center.

5/Saving reserved fund

The reserved fund must be collected and save, then the treasure must manage finance and a special budget must have had for reserved fund to retch if it is hurried needed.

Donator and supporter can support any role and can coordinate long term according to above brief description. Unclear facts can be asked by contact anytime.


Accomplishing Committee (Represent)


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