How we perform e-Government privacy?

We must think about many kinds of ICT Management standards and, their practically performance and thinking are come from studying the developing countries. So it is better as for our country. We can success the studying by going on the way “using from learning and learning from using “.

Especially, a IT security system is like a defense. There will be many fighting from all sides. Thus we must set up good technologies for security more and more than. This operation means doing to progress not only technologies but also the way to keep the facts. While our defense is the super, we need to transform it into attack. It means adding technologies to express and defeat the ID that is penetrating our security system. While we are drawing privacy software, strategy/tactics should be added in this drawing. The strategy/tactics is gotten by combination of new management form and technologies. As all base on these technologies, we can continue to think how we must defeat fighting.

Some countries use to care the privacy for their governmental facts but neglect for private. So private’s weakness can be easily seen and make governmental security firm.  Some use security systems that can contact with the government. So private’s strong security support government security. Main weakness is the manners of users that is begin of battle. So the new management form aims keeping facts security for users and changing from all sides depend on the progress of human resource. We need to discuss how we must begin to follow these 2 facts.

New management form

Management is explained already. Good management is not set for software or hardware. It concerns with both. Performances that come from computer are known as programs. These programs are the parts of management .Which systematic programs we should use according to circumstances are expressed in there. Computers won’t understand anything that against these programs. If we make computer to understand, it happen to be wrong these programs. The main fact is how computer can understand in these circumstances. So people who want to disturb has studied these programs and find the weakness. And then he will create the circumstances that can cause the weakness. It is simple. Depending upon the normal programs, our new management form helps both user and computer at the same time to prevent obstruction.

In the reforming circumstances that need to reform according to levels, firstly we must study management, setting up the security, technology development, and corporation for security .Then we can accept and obey the new management form. We can follow ‘step by step’ for all. ’How we must to do ‘ is very important. The new management form will begin from which: Ministry or private or people, we must to choose. Actually to corporate private and government to do government affairs very well, that need to meet with people directly. This is a good strategy/tactics for three sides. To set up facts collection, it should be   programs as passport, citizen card, and census.

For example, the new management form can reduce problems for citizen card and wasting time and get accurate computerize data. It is very good for people and Ministry. Getting more computerized data can support data importing, transferring, collection and storage for main details of the government.

The changes closely with people in the new management form are traffic control with CCTV, air line and other transport information on the website, online billing system  and ticket machine system. The new management form can reduce delay levels of duties, using much human resource and losing time. Because of reducing human resource, finance can be saved but there will be some questions for difficulties to develop the employment. The sure one is there is no difficulties. Using e-Government can reduce just amount of personnel 3% to 5% and much cost in first 10 years. Later, the costs can be reduced more than before. Only qualified personnel can go on for work and unqualified personnel cannot reduce, so the works of government are more effective than before. No need to think about employment problem because 3% personnel of government is 5% of externals.

Changing system for all sides

We must be struggle practically to get the new management form is gotten. Because the management is changed, we begin to use new technology in old environment. How we can perform depending upon the new technology and gotten facts. Unless we can pass these performances, not ok for government security.

Some governments try to corporate with technological security organizations for facts security. That is convenient with the new management form only. We can do practically only with the changing system for all sides. For example: a circumstance hacked by another can’t be found and studied in the book. The problems we must solve are in externals only. The result depends on the quality of organization more than splendid organization.

It is need to be familiar with basic organizations or individual, each group to study new technologies, manners for hacking circumstances. That is one that accepting the crime in now a day. Having only security organization cannot happen to finish. So we must use the changing for all sides that remove abnormal controlling and other systems and need to have Better Corporation than before. The progressive technology and effective security facts can be set up by using it. It is an example of changing system for all sides. The new management form aims to reduce the levels of duties, save time, get nice result by little amount of personnel. Its qualities happen to come out the changing all sides system. These two facts are same but not completely. Moving for all sides, indent to development. These two facts let to start moving   the security.

Moving to security is regarded as the beginning and will become the result of the gotten facts and technologies. Neglecting the basic programs can destroy the security control. This changing may be testing or continued to use. If we use the circumstance that came from it about 1 or 2 years, we will get the super security we want to get. And we can do confirm technology, programs and finance practically.

I wish you can add the super security system in the e-Government we must use by avoiding the short-term solving like step over the levels and making high speed for duties.


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