How to control your employees’ using internet

Internet is being used in each business every time. In addition, social networking becomes to participate in not only business but also personal communication. So managers suppose that business can be shocking effect because of employees’ much amount of using social networking. Using social networking and internet extremely are expressed in this topic.
How block these become a very strict problem for managers and business owners because there are not only advantages but also disadvantages. We can get advantages such as being able for our products and customers services, but business privacy, abilities and interesting of employees upon the business can be lost.
We have known that every business from every country is reforming to limit using internet extremely and social sites make annoy the business. The condition suitable with the stuffs of our county is wanted to describe. That will become a way to limit the using internet.
(1)Explain clearly
We have to explain clearly that internet must be used for communication and accepting and sending the facts.
But using internet extremely that is dangerous for both health and mental is explained also.
We have to encourage doing shopping, reading, watching movie and rest until we can stand without using internet even one time per week.
(2)Limit using time
Regular working hours is from 9 am to 5 pm. But the real working hours is only 50%. So, 4 hours of 8 hours (working hours for the whole day) can be set as breaking time for internet. We can set average 3 hours because there is break time for lunch. It is need to set 90 hours per month for using internet. Because the time is added for holidays, each staff can get sufficient time for working after using internet.
For being able to limit, we can set up software that can be used by username and password on the browsers at the computer network of the office. That is simple and cheap way.
By using this software to limit time, the staffs that have got 90 hours per month can control using internet by themselves. There is no over time for using internet. The staffs that have used much time must use internet at internet café if it is need to use internet. They won’t be ok to go out to internet café in the working hours and if they use at internet café, they must spend their money. So they will become to limit automatically. Sharing using internet time each other can be limited because another staffs have these problems. They must close browsers after using; otherwise using internet time will be lost. So managers should think about this fact.
As comment, we shouldn’t limit for web masters who need to use internet basically.
(3)Extend if it is needed
If a staff requests that he needs to use much time for using internet in this month, we can add 15 hours exactly for the whole month.
No need to extend at once. Managers have to decide that the reasons are sufficient to add time or not.
Working hours is 8 hours per day and 3 hours for using internet. So we can add 3 hours per day for 5 days continuously.
The business owners have to accept the list of extending time and stuffs let by managers from HR managers. The managers must decide how many hours will have to extend according to their business. The entitlement of managers will be limited.
(4)Limit software application
Limit the stuffs not to use personal software application that isn’t useful for the business in the office.
By limiting like this, we can block using gtalk, VZO chatting and other .exe files not concern with the business won’t run. If they want to use necessary applications, they must request to the managers and the computer networking experts of the office will set up for them.
(5)Put network master
Appointing the stuffs for connection, small preparation and computers’ strength is good instead of getting services from experts of network service center. There is only difference in the amount of stuffs according to the business. At least a computer networking expert is completely needed for the business that have computers above 15.
We come to know that we need to use least money only for computers in the long term by appointing like this.
His daily duties are checking the computer networking , strength of the computers, security for software that limit the using internet , getting rid of computer virus one time per week and reporting the facts of each computer. If even there are stuffs for these duties, they more precious than before because daily duties become to be increase.
(6)Obey the following
We can limit the using internet, never the less self security and happiness in the working hours are favorable facts. So obey these facts.
1- Give chance to save photos and songs.
2- Don’t put the monitor performances to watch who are using what by computers in the network.
3- Let them to use memory sticks
4- Don’t limit the using computers except using internet.
5- Let them to deal the computers as their own.
Losing the traffic of the networking in the office can be seen clearly after obeying these facts. We can expect the stuffs to be interest for the business by this way.
We want to encourage for getting progress by using the suitable technologies based on these facts.


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