red and black

Red one side,
the black other side
I wore this slipped.

Red one cup,
the black one cup
I drank this cups.

Red one time,
the black one times
I though in my mind.

Red on half,
the black on half
me wore these clothes.

Red of piece,
the black of piece
I feel it up this step.

Red one time,
the black one time
I beating my heart in mind.

Think with red,
the write with black
I composed little poem.

Every though with my sweet heart,
Beating dream have is my love.


strike said…
သားရယ္သိုးေဆာင္းစကားေတြနဲ႔ဖတ္ရတာ "Head Bite" လာၿပီကြယ္။

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