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We were gone to Bogale , during in different. We had to go to there not for donate but we need the first things of data and travailing experience for trip way. Our bloggers family had managed to support with all our might, and it wasn't easy, took ages to perform so on.

As the supplies from different countries couldn't arrive in time for different reasons, we went there with other benefactors since we just wanted to help out ourselves. We had about 30 persons; I, Ko Gyi Kyaw, Barnyar, Poukaya, Phoe Thu Taw, A Pu Lay, Zaw Lin Thet, Nyi Nyi and so on, who all are Myanmar bloggers.

We started our trip, in the early morning of 14th of May, from Yangon. It was raining cat and dog, while we were in a Hilux Surf Pick-up-truck and it had 8 cars, including the ones those held the supplies. We were having the trip, seeing the runes of Hlaing Thar Yar, along the road, & the factories were undressed without their roofs.

We saw hundreds of lamp-port lying over the road, only in Hlaing Thar Yar! Drops of rain were swaying in the cold breeze, till we approached to Htan Ta Pin, we hadn't seen any big damaged buildings, the road was still usable though.

Then, we continued the trip, and found the trees along the road were lying across the margin of the road, and they were without leaves. The pheasants, coming out from their shelters and drying the wet paddies, were only seen. On the way of Nyaung Tone, we only saw the up-side-down houses, without roofs or covers. Beyond Nyaung Tone and heading to Maubin, the real disgusting and poor scenes started. Along the road, the place for short-living which are only tall about 3 or 4 feet, looked like tents of Cyclone-Refugees. The families there were staring us, as if they'd never seen and had such no experience. Young and Old ones, were first inquisitive to us though they became disappointed that we couldn't do anything better for them, then. Of course, we couldn't do anything more than leaving some snacks and fast-foods for the children. Eventually, we got to Maubin, through among the damaged housings and offices, weak and poor survivals.

In the fields to pass through the Mau bin Bridge, the public of village in long road shaped, respectively built huts, shouted, and collected the supplies those we threw out from our pick-ups, pleasantly. Those we said "Housing" were too small to live even for a pig, and the situation was the worst of my whole life, like a nightmare. Those were lacking of roofs and covers, making the virtual walls with damaged and infected coconut leaves, those people there were collecting even the worse leaves and wood for living. The damaged coconut plums, and betel plants proved that how strong the cyclone hurted.

Our cars line were crossed into rain and win also the thousand peoples look to us with hold the one of expectation at side of hi-way. We had to drop to lane, sweets and cookie for kid when I though "What are we doing to here?" They are also refugees won't you?

I can't say anything. I think they are not having a good supported from authorized organization. Beyond the Mau bin University when 10 am just over.

I had to look to broking coconut, paddy cargo with wet sense, horizon sky from far away cloud with thinking, when I wake my mind the time is about 10:30 am, we arrived at Kyatelatt. Kyatelatt is not damaged like Mau bin but like a same amount peoples line who want to saving I saw it. Where the clean water, where the clean food, how they live with warm is not suspect with clean. When we depart from Kyatelatt, I saw the fact of the town is developed long time ago as colonel style old building was everywhere in the town, some wood buildings are laying parallel with colonel builds. I wandered where they might get their food, where the clean & fresh water, how they lived to be warm. There is no doubt that they can get none of those. Even though Kyeik Latt could resist the wind, it couldn’t get a relief also. About 80 percent of the housings are lack of roofs while some of them were getting fixed. As that small town was in the poor commerce, it wasn’t so easy to repair as they did the lamp-posts.

Our journey continuing from Kyeik Latt was going through the water & muddy lands together with other volunteers like us, Government & military trucks and so far from UN also. Soon, we found the edge of the compound where the distaste exists. The scene of ruined housings as if the coconut palms fall down from their bases, was coming and only the roads were seen in the whole quarter. 10 minutes after entering the town, we heard that some, donating rice and steam rice while we were waiting our late mates. We brought along about 2000 packages of Steam Rice, as our edibles and also for sharing. Our customers who stood the fund told us to share the steam rice packages to the children who looked at us hungrily with their dirty and poor faces, so that we took those packages and donated them one for each. Actually, our packages could grantee a breakfast for their terrible morning with no food. Not only giving to children but also adults as they also demanded, we did. We stopped our job as some of them asked twice or showing & yelling out with their two empty hands, shouting at each other, some children couldn’t get anything so that their eyes couldn’t twinkle with hopes. The late ones were catching also. The engine holding a container full of Aluminium roofs, foods, wares, clothing and beds broke out and deadly stopped. We were looking for the mechanic as there wasn’t anyone nearby Phyar Pone Town, though we though there was some problems with clerk. It was lucky in sins as we got a chance to observe the ruined Phyar Pone thoroughly. It was observed that a building in the hospital compound heaped into a rubbish and the monk hospital was fixed temp; with canvas. There was also a car with the Label of unicef parking in the compound. And also, about 30 trucks in the name of the Myanmar Timber Enterprise holding the 30 trucks full of wood and lumber with the heading of Operation for Ayayarwaddy Cyclone victims. I don’t know how those woods and timbers could help the victims so that wandered that the ones who managed to do so might know their objectives. Then, we got to downtown area leaving the hospital; even the strong and new buildings were greatly damaged and lacking of glasses and roofs, and the market square was flat so we named that “Wind blew flatted Bazaar”. The buildings and water towers and water tanks near the river bank were too low to be described. We heard that the military trucks were going there officially as with supporting objectives, heading to Bo Ga Lay also. It mainly consists of rice. We saw a motor-car from navy passing and a soldier waving his hands to us. After finding the mechanic, and on the way back to our trucks, I was lack of those feelings to chew betel knots though I thought to buy some when I remembered that there was diarrhea in that area. We didn’t have another way to choose but to leave the car there since it was impossible to repair the car in an hour! At least, it would take a day for ordering the spare parts from Yangon and fixing. Our customer, agreed to lock the container door so that we left there. The stocks in our trucks are about 400 lakh and that’s why the benefactors worried about and wanted to give the refugees, hand to hand.

It rained again. We left Phyar Pone, in the rain. After crossing a stream, even approaching to the 9- housing group, there were still traffic-jams and it was moving too slowly. Along the road, there were huts like for pigs those the victims live. From their 3 feet huts, they came out and smile towards us and waving their hands. I was so pleased that they did as Myanmar, they showed their spirits of good minded, always smiling sweetly. The road was getting worse and worse and the traffic was damn jammed. I gave my lunch of a piece of boiled egg and fried vegetable to a child on the road. Immediately, the car jumped and I saw the egg and the spoon fall down into the mud but the child showed out strangely, picking up the egg and spoon and putted into his lunch box and ate. I felt too sorry and couldn’t believe my eyes and realized that we knew nothing real about our country but we visited around the cities and our country is improving. Actually, it’s up side down, the truth is different from it is apparent. I confess that I was too stupid to ignore such the truths and most of the people from our country are poor and we have debt to pay back our idle time to our country history.

To be continued…..


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