My childhood friends Win Ko Ko he who the member of “Technical Climbing Club of Myanmar” was reach to top of Mount Everest in last 19 May 2016. There is the very first time for Myanmar and they are record on the Myanmar’s climbing history. 

I am so proud to him and his hiking team, Ko Pyae Phyo Aung (aka) Poe Pin and Nyi Nyi Aung (aka) Doe Lone is also the member with him. 

Today 25 May 2016, they are arrived back in Yangon. Public and some other organization are welcome to them where airport.

However I am appreciating to them of adventure, also to thank Htoo foundation they who sponsor to Myanmar team. 

Whatever, there is our Myanmar flag on the Mount Everest. Good luck my hero’s.  Big Congratulation.

I was attending to the "Open Data" event held at Kanaung Hub in MICT Park Yangon a last Wednesday 11 May 2016. They are talking about the open data developing in Myanmar. Ko Ravi, Ko Nyi Lynn Seck, Ko Tho Hi, Ko Thar Htet was sharing about their experience about open data, developing, landscape of Myanmar. 
Ko Ravi
Open data is the idea that some data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control.” Wiki said. Actually we must know more about the open data benefit. Myanmar is still lowest rate on the open data developing in the world. Therefore, who have a big data, how to archive and when we have it? Also what for?
Ko Thar Htet
However, we can contribute as we can, like an open street map. The government is the one of big data source, the public have right to know. How we can put to government for data archive with digital and how to involve it? The advocacy is one thing of important.
However we are trying to the open data developing since 2009, but too slow. So how we should do? I was question by myself.
Ko Nyi Lynn Seck
Advocacy, accountability, transparency is the only way to our goal, isn’t it?

There is the talk show was our planned, named “Tech & Cash”. Actually we are target to quoted
I said “So, we really want to share the knowledge and promote awareness on how to use the e-commerce and mobile, online banking, payment solution and mobile money widely and what kind of service can provide by the bank for that service among the public that is why we organized this event.” Credit by MITV channel 
Does the event with “Mobile & Online payment situation in Myanmar” as under the title of “Tech & Cash”
Our panelist is professionals and particularly Ko Aung Kyaw Moe and Ko Zaw Linn Htut is the key of this month I think. Ko Zaw Linn Htut is the CEO of Myanmar Payment Union (MPU) , he have an experience of local problem and how to solution in current time. Also Ko Aung Kyaw Moe is the Founder and Group CEO of 2C2P and he is well respected as an authority in payment industry in southeast Asia, as such he is featured in Fintech Asia 100 . In another word, he is considered one of the key persons shaping Fintech in Asia. 2C2P is the leading company of Myanmar for payment solution provider. He was sharing the a lot his experience, also expectation for South East Asia and Myanmar market.
Ko Aung Kyaw Moe(photo Credit by

Another panelist are Daw Yin Mon Hlaing (KBZ- Sr. Manager -Head of Business Development from Card department) and U Zaw Min Aung ( Their experience and discussion are very value for future solution of problem solving I think. Our modorator Ko Myo Mya Swe Tun is the very good to handle this talk show. Thanks you man.

This program is the monthly program and I will do the title with hot update issue held at Kanaung Hub at MICT park. Why Kanaung Hub? Kanaung Hub was born by MCF for incubator for startup Myanmar and industry person. I am willing to know more the benefit of Kanaung Hub facility and engagement with industrial person to new generation. Also for opportunities, innovation also for invest, experience too. 

So, that is all? We had agreement with the local TV channel for the broadcasting about our program by a week. 

However, first time experience is so hard for arranging for quality. I will do to provide with difference performance as well as. 

Also thank to our crews for shooting and planning. Thank to Samsung Myanmar, Ko Zarni Win Htet and crews. Ko Nyein Chan Soe Win(2C2P), Ko Nay Min Oo(Manager-Kanaung Hub), Ko Aung Aung - MCF and my close friends they whom assist to.

Let wait up our program broadcast on TV.

Today is the histories Inauguration day of new Myanmar. New president U Htin Kyaw and his government members are take over the government authorities from former president U Thein Sein around 11:45am today 30 March 2016. There is the government collected from public within 54 years of Myanmar history. It's change, it is republic and democratic. But we are not to yet our goals. However,we are begging step to new era. Myanmar is rise?

PS, the new president U Htin Kyaw is former programmer. So be expect to e-government speed reform on the near future?

 Photo credit by: U Ye Htut's (former Minister of information) facebook page

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Today, it is great day. I was met the Japanese tech giant company and discussed about my future project Yangon Smart City. There is the smart city is a lot of categories and complicated process for developing. But I am really focused on the renewable energy, water resource and distribution, smart transporting also biometrics identifies like a face recognizes, age identify. However I would like to use new technology with innovation on my project as difference kind of ordinary tech. I wouldn’t to buy the solutions for use, but I want to try with brain storm and newest tech. Also I am looking for the future partners of telecommunication, developers and etc.., as I want to do. 

Actually the Yangon is mega city and still over 5 million people; it’s too difficult to growth smart city performance to whole city in the short time. Meanwhile the developing to Yangon, our project will be the one of model land with reality performance. 

So they are interest to involve what I said like to newest creation. But we must be needed to more discuss for detail. Whatever it is the one step of my project, it is not a dream. It does about inspire.